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1.5 Tesla Cardiac MRI

 CMR, sometimes known as cardiac MRI, is a medical imaging technology for
the non-invasive assessment of the cardiovascular system.

Blood Bank & Transfusion Centre

The functions of the Blood Bank and Transfusion Center includes mailnly the  preparation of blood components for transfusion, etc…

ABG Blood Gas Analyzer

Arterial blood gas  test is a blood gas test of blood from an artery; it is thus

a blood test. Many blood gas analyzers will also report concentrations

of lactate, hemoglobin,etc…

Cold Phaco Eye Surgery

Cold phaco systems offer new capabilities that allow surgeons to move up to

the next step in the amount and duration of power delivered to the eye.

Dialysis Centre

Highest quality dialysis treatment and standards are met at all our centres

with the best team of nephrologists,dialysis technicians,

dieticians, psychologists and caretakers.

Bronchoscopy Suite

Bronchoscopy is an endoscopic technique of visualizing the inside of the

airways for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Advanced Pulmonary Function Testing Lab

Pulmonary Function Testing Laboratory offers the most advanced technology

for diagnosing and monitoring lung diseases.

Colour Doppler Machine

Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine give a visual representation of the

movement of blood through veins, blood vessels, and arteries with the

help of sound waves.

Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

Endoscopy and Colonoscopy procedures for the detection and treatment of

digestive disorders.

Uro-Flow Meter

Uro-flow metery is a test that measures the volume of urine released from the

body, the speed with which it is released, and how long the release takes.

Mobile ICU

Mobile Intensive Care unit is a truma center on wheels. They are designed to

provide on-site trauma and surgical services both at a medical facility or free-

standing on location at a disaster location.

Fiberoptic Video Nasopharyngoscopy

Fiberoptic Nasopharyngoscopy provides clearer visualization and better  access

to nasopharyngeal anatomy and it allow visualization of nasalcavity,

septum,middle meatal space and infundibulum, frontal recess.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre

The mission of psychiatric rehabilitation is to enable with best practices of

illness management, psychosocial functioning, and personal satisfaction.

Blood Components, Manufacturing & Separation

The whole blood which is a mixture of cells, colloids and crystalloids can be

separated into different blood components.The components are prepared

by centrifugation of one unit of whole blood.


An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to find problems related to

electrical activity of the brain. An EEG tracks and

records brain wave patterns.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab

A Cardiac Catheterization Lab is a special hospital room where doctors perform

minimally invasive tests and procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular


Mobile Dental Unit

Mobile Dental Unit is a truma center on wheels. They are designed to

provide on-site trauma and dental services.


Laparoscopy is a surgery that uses a thin, lighted tube put through a cut

in the belly to look at the abdominal organs or the female pelvic organs .

Laparoscopy is used to find problems such as cysts, adhesions, fibroids ,

and infection. Tissue samples can be taken for biopsy through the tube.


A Mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast. It can be used to check for

breast cancer in women who have no signs or symptoms of the disease.

Stat Lab

Stat Lab medicine A free-standing lab capable of performing an abbreviated

battery of tests, and serving as areceiving ‘node’ for a larger lab to which the

SL is ultimately responsible.