OP Timing 9 Am to 5 Pm

OP Days
Unit 1

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr. T.U Sukumaran  OP  X  X  OP  X  X
Dr. Carol Sara Cherian  OP  X  X  OP  X  X
Dr. Santhy Mary Koshy  OP  X  X  OP  X  X

Unit 2

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr. S. Latha  X  OP  X  X  OP  X
Dr. Jacob Abraham  X  OP  X  X  OP  X
Dr. Krishna Priya  X  OP  X  X  OP  X
Dr. Manju E George  X  X  X  X  OP  X

Unit 3

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr. Krishanan Namboothiri  X  X  OP  X  X  OP
Dr. Synu Elsa John  X  X  OP  X  X  OP
Dr. Neethumohandas  X  X  OP  X  X  OP


Paediatic Neuro OP DAYS Time
Dr. Reji Thomas (Professor)  Saturday  2 –  4 PM
Paediatic Nephrology    
Dr. Leni Kumar(Asst.Professor)  Tuesday  2 –  4 PM
Paediatic Cardiology    
Dr. Zulfikar Ahamed (Professor)  Thursday   



Our team of well qualified doctors and well trained nurses at the Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology can take care of your baby from the hour he/she is born till they are 18. It is a full-spectrum child care center.

We have a 20 bed Neonatal ICU with state of the art facilities including ventilators for newborns and premature babies. Our nursing staff is trained to tend to each child with utmost dedication. In the Paediatrics ICU which is the best in Central Travancore there are resident doctors and qualified nurses providing 24 our care for all patients.

Location: Department of Paediatrics is within the mother and child block of the Institute.

Paediatric ICU

8 bedded, air conditioned and well equipped (include ventilators, non invasive monitors, central oxygen, central suction, infusion pumps), well staffed ( 5 doctors at a time on duty, senior doctors trained in critical care, well trained nurses 1:1 proportion)

* 10 bedded step down unit with facilities for oxygen, suction and intra venous fluid therapy.

  • 5th floor – General Pediatric wards – 60 bedded – providing subsidized / full free treatment.
  • Ist floor – Neonatology Unit.
  • NICU – (Picture) * 20 bedded, air conditioned, well staffed unit with all modern equipments including high frequency ventilators.
  • Ground floor – Out patient department 


*  Air conditioned, OP timing  8.30AM to 3 PM  on all days except Sunday, Senior expert faculty on all days with junior trainees.

* Specialty clinics guided by Superspecialists in –  Paediatric neurology,  Paediatric growth and endocrinology,  Paediatric pulmonology, adolescent, paediatric nephrology,  well baby, high risk new born, paediatric epilepsy, paediatric gastro enterology, hematology.   

  • Immunization clinic
  • Immunization clinic (Picture) – National and all international vaccines administration on all days (except Sunday) from 8.30 Pm to 3 Pm.
  • Emergency Department (Click here for details) – Well  staffed, well equipped 4 bedded unit.
  • Child development clinic (CDC) – Pratheeksha Web site of the Institution.
  • Well Baby Clinic
    (Tuesday, 10 AM to 2 PM)
  • High Risk Newborn Clinic
    ( Friday, 10 AM to 2 PM)
  • Child Development Clinic
    (Monday to Saturday, 8.30 AM to 3.30 PM)
  • Peadiatric Epilepsy Clinic
    (Monday, 10 AM to 1 PM)
  • Peadiatric Asthma Clinic
    (Wednesday, 10 AM to 12 PM)
  • Growth and Endocrinology Clinic
    (2nd & 4Th Saturdays, 12 PM to 2 PM)
  • Adolescent Clinic
    (2nd Saturdays, 10 PM to 1 pm)
  • Paediatric Neurology Clinic
    (Saturday, 2 PM to 4 PM)
  • Paediatric Haematology Clinic
    (Wednesday, 11 AM to 1 PM)


Dr. T U Sukumaran


Professor & HOD

    Dr. Jacob Abraham

    Neonatology - Paediatrics

    Associate Professor

      Dr Neethu Mohandas


      Assistant Professor

        Dr. Shanty Mary Koshy


        Senior Resident

          Dr.Manju George Elenjickal


          Associate professor  

            Dr . Krishna Priya



              Dr. N. Krishnan Namboodhri



                Dr. S Letha



                  Dr. Carol Sara Cherian


                  Associate Professor

                    Dr. Synu Elsa John


                    Senior Resident

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