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The Department of Critical Care manages the various Intensive Care Units in the hospital directly and through supportive care.

The various intensive care units including the Multi-disciplinary ICU (MDICU), Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Neuro Surgical ICU and HDU’s are managed under the critical care unit supervision.
We offer 24 hour in the house consultant Intensivist care to the patients admitted. Personalized 1:1 nursing care & supportive care from Physiotherapist, Dietician, Respiratory Therapist, Microbiologist, Infection control personnel are provided with international standards.
We have well equipped semi electric beds with multipara monitors, capable of Invasive and non-invasive monitoring with centralized monitoring facility and gas analysis.
State of the art ventilatory facilities with capability of managing medical and surgical conditions including complicated ARDS, Prone Ventilation, COPD, Neurologic conditions are available. Non-invasive ventilator facilities for short and long term care are provided. 24 hour dialysis facility is offered to patients. Other facilities include Bronchoscopy, EEG, Percutaneous Tracheostomy, in house echo and ultra sound facilities, guided invasive lines and monitoring, temporary pacing, full function ABG machine, facilities to manage difficult airway and Emergency response carts.
ICU care is backed up by the support of the various speciality and super speciality departments in the hospital including facility for Emergency surgeries; Neuro Surgical Interventions, well equipped 24 hour cath lab and CTVS support, OGD scopy and gastroenterology care, Dialysis including Plasmapheresis, endocrine and oncology facilities, latest imaging techniques including multi slice CT, MRI are available round the clock.
We have 24 hour lab services, Micro biology services, pharmacy and surgical stores to cater the various needs of the patient.
Bystanders are provided with adequate rest area and provision to see the patient at regular intervals and patient’s condition is explained to relatives through regular counselling sessions.
Department has its own training and research programme. Classes for the post graduates and the in house faculty are conducted regularly to keep them updated of the recent developments.
Staff nurses have their own training weekly and are monitored and assessed on regular basis. Various research activities are ongoing at various levels in the department with active all round participation.

Department is headed by Dr. Mathew Pulicken and has 5 consultants, four residents and post graduates posted in rotation on regular basis.

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Surgical Intensive Care Unit

ICU that serves a diverse group of patients including critically ill general,

who may be experiencing multisystem organ dysfunction, sepsis, or any

other variety of critical care needs.

Neuro Surgery Intensive Care Unit

The Neuro-ICU cares for patients with all types of neurosurgical and

neurological injuries,brain hemorrhage, trauma and tumors.

Medical Intensive Care Unit

Within the ICU multidisciplinary staff is highly collaborative and supportive,

working together to achieve the best patient outcomes possible.

Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit

Neo Natal ICU is an intensive care unitspecializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

It is an area within a hospital specializing in the care of critically ill infants,

children, and teenagers.

High Dependency Unit

An area in a hospital, usually located closely to the intensive care unit, where

patients can be cared for more extensively than on a normal ward, but not to the

point of intensive care.

Septic ICU

Serious medical conditions are treated here with immense care and securities.

Respiratory ICU

It is a special Care Unit of our hospital or health care facility that provides

intensive treatment medicine for respiratory problems.