After going through your medical history,physical examination and reports,your physician may advise some more specialized tests or consultations at an additional cost,to facilitate an in depth evaluation. All such tests and consultations are available at Pushpagiri Medical College Hospital and you will be given appointment on a priority basis.

Lifestyles are changing and so are the disease patterns.Sress,sedentary life-style,lack of exercise,poor diet and work pressure make periodic Health Checkup a must.A timely detection can ensure you a long and healthy life ahead.

Investigations :

Blood Routine – FBS – Blood Group & RH – Renal Profile -FLP – LFT – Uric Acid – Urine Routine & Microscopy – X-Ray(Chest) – ECG – Pap Smear (for women) – Sodium & Potassium (for men) – USG (Abdomen) 

The Diabetic Checkup is a comprehensive package designed especially for diabetes patients.The package aims not only to identify the sugar levels of the body but also to identify the complications related to diabetes,at the earliest stage,offering best chance to limit their progress.

Investigations :

CBC – FBS – HbA1c – Urine Micro Albumin – FLP – LFT – S.Creatinine – Urine Routine – ECG – USG – Biothesiometrin

As a parent,you are certainly concerned about your child’s health, eating habits, vision, hearing, teeth and general health condition.Having always been the ‘Mother and Child’ hospital,Pushpagiri Medical College Hospital has been helping parents care for their offspring from the moment of birth well into adulthood for the past five decades.Therefore we has desirably created the ‘Child Health Check Up’ Package which includes a comprehensive range of medical tests and examinations necessary for your child’s wellness.

Investigations :

CBC – Blood Group & RH – FBS – SGPT – FLP – Blood Urea – Urine Routine – 

X-Ray (Chest) – USG

Women need to have regular health checks.See your doctor for regular medical check-ups to help you stay healthy and to pick up early warning signs of disease or illness.Many diseases such as cardiovascular(heart)disease,diabetes and some cancers can be picked up in their early stages when treatment is often more effective.

Investigations :

FBS – CBC – Blood GP & RH – Blood Urea – FLP – LFT – TSH – Urine RE – X Ray (Chest) – ECG – Pap Smear – USG

All Investigations in A+ Mammogram

Are you above 40 years of age?Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes?Do you have a strong family history of heart disease?Are you obese or over weight?Do you have high cholestrol levels?If answer to any of the above is YES,IT IS TIME TO GO FOR A CARDIAC CHECK UP.


Investigations :

FBS or RBS – Lipid Profile – Blood Routine – Blood Urea – SGPT/SGOT – Serum Creatine – Urine Routine – X Ray (Chest) – ECG – Echo


Investigations :

FBS or RBS – Lipid Profile – Blood Routine – Blood Urea – SGPT/SGOT – Serum Creatine – Urine Routine – X Ray (Chest) – ECG – Echo

Online Appointment for Executive Health Checkup:

You can apply online for an Executive Health Checkup appointment here. Select the scheme and enter the details mentioned. Also, give us a brief description of any particular issue that you are facing at present or any previous history.

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